Child Rescue Project

Child Rescue Project

Delhi, India is hot spot for sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and abuse. But today, in Delhi, over 40 young girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking live in a safe house. The house is clean, spacious, and cheerful. The house moms provide invaluable love and support as these survivors learn to heal. The girls, ranging in age from 5-18, are provided medical care, shelter, food, clothing, education, counseling, vocational training as a seamstress, extra curricular activities, and access to the gospel and prayer. Global AIM has partnered with this Children’s Home in Delhi to assist in the rescue, support, and restoration of these young girls.

Through the brave and tireless efforts of the incredible staff at Full Life Children Home, hundreds of girls have been rescued out of child labor, sex trafficking, and abuse since it’s beginning in 2014.

These children have been through some of the worst things you can possibly imagine, and yet they are healing and growing in a loving, Godly family environment.

Rescue work and the operation of the children’s home requires funding. The needs are endless and Full Life Children Home currently runs on the donations of generous people.

Would you consider making a difference in the life of a child? Would you partner with us to impact the life of a young girl in Delhi, India?

For $45 a month you can sponsor a young girl in the home and help provide for the basic needs of a child.

Or would you consider making a one-time donation? Any amount given will help support the ministry and allow the rescue work to continue to reach, rescue, and restore even more lives.

If you’d like more information about the child rescue project, if you’d like to present this project to your church, or if you’d like to partner with us to assist in providing support please contact us below.

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